Adbloc Media hires VP Media Sales

Peter Machalek, Senior Partner at Adbloc Media Inc., announced today that Matthew Wolochatiuk has joined the Adbloc team as Vice President Media Sales. Machalek noted “we are at the stage where we need a senior sales executive to support our existing client-base and to work with the growing number of planners and advertisers interested in making Adbloc a part of their media plans”.

“Matt fits exceptionally well given his extensive sales experience, including multi-media sales responsibilities at The Toronto Star and Zoom Media. We also like that Matt has agency-side experience and understands how to best support media planners – key partners in our success.”

Adbloc Media, with 16,000 ad faces, targets the most affluent major participant sport audience by placing its medium on the safety bar of ski area chairlifts across Canada. Skiers and snowboarders spend an average of 7 minutes captive in the chairlift with the advertiser’s brand and message unavoidably inches away as they ride up the mountain.