Adbloc Media Partners with SKUyou QR Code Specialist

Adbloc Media Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Crucial Interactive Inc.

Crucial Interactive is a leader in providing innovative digital media solutions to advertisers. Adbloc Media found value in Crucial Interactive’s SKUyou division that specializes in bridge media technology and Quick Response (QR) codes.

Peter Machalek, a Partner at Adbloc Media, comments: “Skiers are big smart-phone users. Ski apparel companies often design an easy-access smart-phone pocket into their jacket designs. With 7 minutes of exposure and the Adbloc inches away, skiers have long enough, are close enough and are captivated enough to scan a QR code during the lift ride.” Machalek ads: “Using SKUyou QR codes, our clients have the opportunity to drive consumers to their mobile/fan sites, share multimedia, engage at a higher level, and call-to-action.”

Adbloc is unique but simple. The proximity of the ad and its exceptional Dwell-Time, combined with the nature of the chairlift, provides an ideal opportunity to utilize communication tactics that are not supported by most media. SKUyou’s QR codes are ideal on Adbloc and will allow the National OOH provider to engage a premium captive audience at a heightened level this ski season.

About Crucial Interactive

Crucial Interactive Inc is an innovative digital media solutions company specializing in interactive marketing tools for advertisers. Crucial Interactive offers exclusive representation of premium and niche websites across multiple verticals.  Our turnkey media solutions include SKUyou – a leading QR Barcode technology and Crucial Performance Marketing– a proprietary search, social and display media based advertising platform.

For more information about Crucial Interactive visit:

Media Contact: Petar Bozinovski, Crucial Interactive Inc. | 416.645.0135 ext. 410