AXE hyper-targets a hard-to-reach audience with Adbloc

How do you reach the hard-to-reach young adult male segment? Well, Unilever for one believes it’s through Adbloc chairlift safety bar ads and has committed to a national campaign to leverage our absolutely captive active male-skewed ski and snowboard audience for its popular AXE brand.

AXE likes our audience: young, hip, social, affluent and brand and trend conscious, and they really “get it”. The skier/boarder is captive in a chair for 7 minutes, starved for stimuli, during the long ride up the mountain. But what AXE really loves is that we can hyper-target their customer by deploying AXE Adblocs on the chairlifts that cater to their target audience – the Terrain Park lifts (with jumps, rails and other extreme features) and the main ski area feeder lifts.

Peter Machalek, a Partner at Adbloc Media, explains: “not only can we hyper-target a younger cohort, but we can also do the opposite and reach an affluent older demographic by avoiding all the chairlifts we know the younger crowd hangs out at.” Machalek adds, “Our team has over 125 years of ski experience so we have a very good understanding of how ski areas work and know what lifts every demographic spends their ski day riding.”

We look forward to the launch of the AXE campaign during the extremely busy late February and March flights and to supporting it with multiple touch-points at our ski areas. The AXE campaign will include some very interesting lift-line messaging and other signage that will be fully executed by Adbloc Media.

Thanks to our friends at Mindshare for helping Adbloc Media put this campaign together.