Can Adbloc Hyper-Target? Rogers That!

Audience targeting doesn’t get much more precise than wanting to reach French-speaking consumers in the Gatineau region of Quebec during the month of March. Nevertheless, when Rogers came calling Adbloc Media was able to step up, hyper-targeting three ski areas; Camp Fortune, Edelweiss and Mont Ste.-Marie – all in the Gatineaus – for the desired flight.

While Adbloc Media may be better known for national campaigns on behalf of Subaru, Sony, Scotiabank, Danone and Mazda, our extensive network of ski areas and chairlifts allows us to reach our client’s desired audience precisely when it will have the greatest impact.

Adbloc is a unique media that strategically places the advertiser’s brand and message on the safety bar of ski chairlifts, literally in-the-face of an affluent, active, tech-savvy – and absolutely captive – consumer for 7 minutes.