Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!

While here in Toronto we are experiencing a welcome Indian Summer, Calgary and the Rocky Mountain foothills recently received over 30cm of snow over a two day period. The unexpected weather event was an early reminder that skiing/winter – and Adbloc season – is fast approaching!

While Calgarians were displeased by the weather-turn, at Adbloc Media we are very excited for the upcoming ski season, with forecasters predicting this year to be characterised by heavy snowfalls. Media activity, like Alberta snow, is also ahead of schedule, with lots of interest from current and new clients for winter 2014-2015 campaigns. We have already signed one of our biggest campaigns ever with a returning car brand.

Adbloc is a unique OOH media that places an advertiser’s brand and message on the safety bar of ski area chairlifts across Canada, literally in-the-face of an affluent, educated, health-conscious, tech-savvy, active and captive consumer for 7 minutes per exposure.

Notable brands like Scotiabank, Subaru, Samsung, Mazda, Koodo, Merck, Honda, BMW, Sirius, Unilever (AXE) and The North Face have advertised through the Adbloc network.