Mackenzie Investments Partners with Adbloc Media at Lake Louise

From recreational participants to World Cup athletes, Canadians are known for their enthusiasm, sportsmanship and success in snow sports. Mackenzie Investments proudly contributes to this passion through its sponsorship of Snow Sports Canada – touching seven premier national snow sport organizations – and its long partnership with Alpine Ontario.

In keeping with this passion, Mackenzie is building on their support of the upcoming World Cup ski cross race at Nakiska (Alberta) with an Adbloc campaign at nearby Lake Louise Ski Area – launching coincidentally with the November 27th World Cup downhill race at the iconic Canadian ski destination.

Special thanks to Steven Lewis, Derek Baker and the team at XMC Marketing for their invaluable assistance in making this campaign come to life in a “record” eight days from commitment, to production, to install at Lake Louise. Peter Machalek, Adbloc Managing Partner noted; “We love difficult tasks. As owners of Adbloc, Peter K and I are nimble enough to meet any challenge or special client need, something institutional media providers are often unable to do.”

Adbloc is a unique media that strategically places the advertiser’s brand and message on the safety bar of ski chairlifts, literally in-the-face of an affluent, active, educated, tech-savvy – and absolutely captive consumer – for 7 minutes. In addition to Mackenzie Investments, Adbloc has recently partnered with auto makers Subaru and Mazda, Scotiabank, electronics brands (Sony & Samsung), a TV Network (CBC), consumer products (Danone & AXE), a big-pharma brand (Merck), Air Transat and Telcos: Telus, Koodo and Rogers.

Mackenzie Investments was founded in 1967 and is a leading investment management firm providing investment advisory and related services to retail and institutional clients.