What our audience is saying…

“Every time I see an ad on a chairlift I can’t help but read it. I actually find myself wondering what’s going to be on the next lift I take!”
– Jay Hamilton, Snowboarder, Vancouver, BC

“Seriously brilliant advertising concept! I love the ads!”
– Ashley Riske, Skier, Toronto, ON

“I was sitting on the chairlift and decided to text in my number to the Sony Vaio Contest on the Adbloc. Two months later I find out I won! My new computer looks fantastic, I love it! Once again thank you so much, this helps a billion! And say thank you to Sony for me if that’s possible lol : )  Sincerely, Melanie Michener proud owner of a new Vaio computer : )”
– Melanie Michener, Snowboarder, Barrie, ON

“These guys are smart – let’s face it, they have the best audience and arguably the best way to reach that audience. I’m sitting on the chairlift bored as hell and I have an advertiser’s message right under my nose. I have no where to go and lots of time to kill – of course I’m interested in the ad!”
– Brad Perron, Skier, Calgary, AB

“My friends started chatting about Scandinave Spa when we saw the ads on the chairlift and how nice it would be to get a massage after the ski day. We did our last run after that lift ride and decided to go straight to the spa.”
– Elisa Marshall, Skier, Montreal, QC

“Real good way to get your message across… the Honda ads revealed some of the features available in the new Odyssey – may be a good time to buy… my lease is coming up.”
– Bob Hull, Skier, Toronto, ON

What our partners are saying…

“No cost and no work for us – Adbloc Media did everything. We made extra revenue and got a chance to advertise all our internal profit centers; from Crazy Horse Restaurant, to our Ski School to our Adventure Park. Adbloc is a great product and very beneficial to the ski area.”
– Jonathan Reid, Director of Recreation, Horseshoe Resort, ON

“Adbloc Media was very conscious of regular ski area operations and seamlessly integrated the device with Mont Tremblant’s operations, without interfering or making it difficult for us. Adblocs have been installed on all chairlifts at Mont Tremblant since 2009 and the units have performed very well.”
– Francois Lavallee, Chef de Service, Mont Tremblant, QC

“The product is great – it’s simple, it works well and it looks good on our lifts. For a device that is installed on the retention bar and integrated with ski area operations, it has performed extremely well and has not interfered with chairlift operations in any way. I would have no problem recommending Adbloc to be used at other ski areas.”
– George Duncan, Mountain Operations Manager, Panorama Mountain Village, BC

“We all need to respect the alpine environment; it has been an ever present factor in the evolution and design process of our product. Our Adblocs are extremely effective as an advertising medium, yet have no impact at all on the surrounding alpine environment, that’s an achievement that we’re very proud of.”
– Grant Metson, Managing Director – Alpine Media

What our clients are saying…

“Adbloc Media delivered a turn-key solution that ensured our client reaches their customers multiple times, with various messages throughout the ski season. They had a strong understanding of the unique environment in which our client’s ads would be present and were able to recommend a campaign that was well aligned with our goals.”
– Samantha Kelley, Media Planner, Touché! PHD for Casino Tremblant

“We have used the Adbloc advertising system for two seasons now and Adbloc Media is an absolute pleasure to work with – they understand our marketing strategy and have made excellent recommendations to get our message across to our clients in an efficient and effective manner.”
– Michele Cantin, Directrice Marketing, Scandinave Spa