Adbloc is the only chairlift advertising media that has gained acceptance at ski areas on a global basis.

Intelligent and practical product design is the major factor attributing to Adbloc’s on-going success and virtually zero failure rate. Operations managers love Adbloc’s design, durability and outstanding track record, while marketing managers and general management appreciate Adbloc for the significant additional revenue it can generate – at no cost to the ski area.

Superior Design

Adbloc has been designed, developed and rigidly tested for over a decade in the New Zealand ski industry and has been built to withstand the country’s harsh South Island winters, characterized by frigid Antarctic ice-blasts. In North America, Adbloc has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by engineers specializing in chairlift operations and has been approved by various organizations governing Passenger Ropeway safety and operations.

The product design includes the following features & advantages, which set it far ahead of any competing devices:


  • Manufactured from lightweight Dupont Zytel toughened nylon.
  • At 184 grams per complete unit, Adbloc adds less than 162 lbs to a 400-seat quad chairlift.
  • Three product sizes ensure optimal fit on all retention bar designs.
  • Adhesion & compression product affixing does not penetrate the retention bar.
  • Tamper-proof and virtually impervious to abuse.
  • Easy to install and requires no special maintenance.
  • No adverse effect on the balance or operation of the chairlift or retention bar.
  • Will not intrude on rider legroom or cause adverse effects during high winds.
  • No moving parts to compromise product reliability.


  • The ad is laminated to a UV resistant polycarbonate lens, which can withstand extreme temperature variances and prevents fading, discolouration, water damage, fogging and other spoiling.
  • A tamper-proof screw and two locking pins make it nearly impossible to remove the lens without the right tools.
  • The lens is changed every time the ad is changed ensuring new ads are installed in immaculate condition.