SONY Partners with Adbloc Media For ACTION CAM Launch

Toronto (Canada) SONY, the global leader in Camcorder technology, is partnering with Adbloc Media for the launch of its exciting new Action Cam.

SONY Action Cam lets you capture the rush of barreling down the face of a mountain from your point of view. Infused with legendary Sony video quality, Action Cam lets you walk away with footage as crisp, clear and incredible as the moment itself.

Peter Machalek, Adbloc Senior Partner noted, “Sony of Canada loved that Adbloc can hyper-target their younger, male-skewed, action-oriented audience at specific ski area chairlifts where they spend most of their day”. Machalek added, “It doesn’t hurt that the boarder and skier is captive in the chairlift for 7 minutes with the Action Cam message unavoidably in-their-face.”

Adbloc Media has 16,000 ad faces placed on the safety bar of ski area chairlifts across Canada, targeting the most affluent participant sport audience – skiers and snowboarders.