The “Corporation” Exploring Skiing – CBC’s Explora Channel Signs Adbloc Chairlift Ad Campaign

Toronto (Canada) Quebec’s Mont Tremblant is Canada’s second busiest ski area and considered the top ski resort in eastern North America. For this reason, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s French language specialty channel, EXPLORA, has chosen to communicate with Tremblant’s highly-desirable skier audience through a 444 face Adbloc chairlift advertising campaign.

Explora, owned 100% by the CBC, is dedicated to discovery in all its forms; with programming related to health, science, the environment and nature.

Adbloc is a unique OOH medium that will place Explora’s message on the safety bar of Tremblant’s 8 chairlifts, literally in-the-face of an affluent, educated, health-conscious, tech-savvy, active and captive consumer for 7 minutes per exposure.

Peter Machalek, Senior Partner at Adbloc noted, “The Explora-CBC campaign was our first opportunity to work closely with Boite Media, our new media sales partner in Quebec”. “Special thanks to Lisa Gentile at Boite and to Valerie Roy and the entire Radio Canada team at Cossette for bringing this campaign to life.”

Other notable brands including Subaru, Scotiabank, Danone, Samsung, Mazda, Koodo, Merck, Honda, BMW, Mini, Sirius, Unilever (AXE) and The North Face have advertised through the Adbloc network.