They’re Back! Subaru Re-Ups with Adbloc Media

Skiers love Subaru and Subaru loves skiers. Adbloc Media is pleased to announce Subaru has signed on for another Out-of-Home campaign for the 2014/2015 ski season, building on last year’s successful Adbloc chairlift advertising program.

Subaru has historically connected with skiers and it’s paying off in spades. In our 2014 Car & Skier video survey of over 2,500 vehicles at ski areas across Canada, Subaru’s presence on-mountain was 3 times its market share among the general population.

With such great return on investment it comes as no surprise that Subaru is partnering with Adbloc again – and also kicking up their presence another notch.

Peter Machalek, Senior Partner at Adbloc noted, “Skiing and Subaru makes so much sense and it’s an audience the brand should own. Skiers often drive 4-6 hours roundtrip, in extreme conditions, to pursue their passion, making the Subaru all-wheel drive lineup a natural fit”.

Special thanks to Michelle Jairam and Deanna Dickie at OMD for their great work in further advancing the Subaru/Adbloc partnership.

Other notable brands including Scotiabank, Mazda, Danone, Samsung, Koodo, Merck, Honda, Sony, BMW, Sirius, Unilever (AXE) and The North Face have advertised through our national network.